Why support us?

Over the years Rancho Fino grew rapidly into a next level other scale of rescuing. More and more animals but also more expertise is gained in helping the more difficult emergencies, special needs and handicapped animals. More and more species joined over time as well and with all of this, a new level scale of costs is reached as well. 

Every month we are fighting the big battle of making ends meet and also having to carefully select who to help and sadly also what or better said ‘who’ we have to say no to. For many years I, and now together with my man Sten we work very very hard to get there every month and cover the costs working hourly paid jobs as autonomo’s as for example: gardening, house villa and pool maintenance, working on boats, cleaning, doing changeovers in finca’s en Holliday rentals, cooking on location, babysitting, etc, etc.

Having lived with the bare minimum of basic needs in and around the house, building Rancho Fino Mallorca Rescue up literally from scratch as we live fully off the grid started in a ruin with no running water or electricity, living of a car battery showering cold without pressure running a little generator shows that I, and now in the meantime with my man Sten are absolutely 100% for the animals.

With the help of good hearted people we already got so, so much further. Now a days we have a good solar system, a non- leaking water deposit that we fill by water on the truck, a pump who pumps that back up, pressure on the water, we can shower (the animals very importantly) warm, we do laundry at our home, have a working fridge, flush the toilet etc. All very basic things that where absolutely not a normal thing when starting at the Ranch we live. Very recently we got a new entrance, a new roof that is sealed and water proof (until then the water would come down the walls and down the stairs), the horses got new shelters and feeders which we fill now a days by tractor instead of feeding for hours and hours manually every day. The casita (an old shed basically) got renovated so that volunteers that live-inn can stay way more comfortable. Quarantine areas where build and set up, a toolshed was made and the hours a day spent, having to ‘just survive in the basics reduced so that we can give more time caring for the animals, where it is all about. 

All these improvements where never possible without the help of you, good hearted people who absolutely love animals. We must be able to continue growing as we do with your support! Our absolute goal and wish is reaching a constant flow of donations coming in that keeps the animals on the basic monthly costs covered.  Creating this, we would only need to go to work to cover our own living costs. In this way we can help more and more efficiently stay at the Ranch as having Rancho Fino as main focus is the absolute goal. 

Donations are going 100% back into Rancho Fino Mallorca Rescue as we are an officially registered Non-Profit charity here on the island of Mallorca, Spain. 

So hit that button, make a direct bank transfer or become a regular monthly donator.

Good karma coming your way for sure!! 

monthly costs basics
  • Every 4 months a hay- delivery of good quality hay: Around 6000,-
  • Every 6 days in summer and every 10 days in winter a truck of water 62,-
  • Good quality dog-food or special diet (grain-free to get the maximum recovery for severely starved, neglected, sick or handicapped dogs), one bag every two days at around 65,- 
  • Bags of maiz, chicken food, pig, goat and sheep pellets around 9,- every two days.
  • Medication and pain relieve every month around 400,- up to insane amounts a month.

This is just a sparkle of the costs for the very very basics ‘keep the lot alive’ pot we need covered every month. Having that said, looking at the little list above, no rent is payed, nobody is dewormed, deflead, saw a vet, ran blood tests, had vaccinations or any very basic care needed. No dental care, no casterations no sterilisations, nobody hospitalised, no skincare, no flyspray, no vitamins or minerals etc, etc, etc. Not even at the materials needed as fly-masks, jackets, rugs, brushes, halters, collars, leads, wheelchairs, housing, fencing, building materials and so on and so on.

As you see, every euro does count and is very, very much appreciated indeed!    

In total the monthly basic expenses are around 3000,- and up.

Any help would be greatly appreciated through donation

You can also foster a horse.