Rancho Fino Dogs

There are many, many, many neglected, badly treated, abandoned and abused dogs on the island. We are still blown away by the numbers and cases we have to deal with every single day.
Rancho Fino Mallorca Rescue has the mission to rescue, recover, rehabilitate, reestablish the natural behaviour of the animal fitting to the species and find the perfect match for the future to live as happy and natural as possible meeting all the (special) needs of the animal. 

When it comes to the dogs we have a continues flow going on of dogs coming in new and going out healthy, happy and ready to live their best lives in their new perfectly matching forever homes.

Ofcourse we are always having a club of ‘the undateables as i call them’, that are old, sick, very handicaped, in need of expertise and sharp eye when it comes to their physical or mental health, etc. But also dogs that had such a hard time readjusting to the new situation, moving, trusting again and will be more traumatised with a new place home, having to go trough that again then when they stay for the rest of their time. Here we come to a mingling of rescued and adoptable animals and sanctuary animals. We have both and that functions very very well. 

As we leave every animal in his worth and value we have a very harmonious household where everyone lives happy and free together. We are a kennel-free set up and work with a stable pack on the base and build out from there. In this way we can reach the best results when it comes to recovery and rehabilitation. We really get to know the animals and their needs very well in a house- environment where they are allowed to be who they are when it comes 

Our dogs

Here we will post the dogs that are happy, healthy and ready (sometimes as far as possible) to start a new life. If you see a dog of your interest here and you’d like to have some more information, feel free to contact trough WhatsApp on +34 603106968.

As we are in a home-situation here at the Ranch according to personal privacy and the protection of our animals, an appointment made trough whatsapp on number +34 603106968 (only messaging) is needed to be made first to be able to come and visit.