Breed: Spanish
Date of adoption: 18/02/2017
Age: 24 years old

Silver is a beautiful horse. He was rescued by a real-estate agent who was selling a house. But at the house there was a horse as well in bad condition. This warm hearted man wanted the best for the horse but did not knew anything about these beautiful animals. Silver was very fat from wrong food (only ‘human’ food-rests), had a hoofs that grew massivly long with laminitis and was still a stallion. He brought Silver to the stables of my friends where he got fixed up and became much better and healty. Silver comes now to live a quiet life at Rancho Fino with all the care and special care he needs. Because of his weak back, Silver is slipping away with his left back legg and needs to build up some muscles. He is casterated two months ago, but was a staillion for about 18 years. He lives now with Black-Jack together in the garden and will be slowly getting introduced to living in the herd with the mares.

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