Breed: Andalusier
Date of adoption: 20/06/2017
Age: 28 years old

This is Sevillano. A 22 year old andalusier who comes from a place where he was very unhappy and badly treated. His hoofs where grown tremendously long with still old irons under it so the hoofs started to grow around and over the irons. All was rotting away, he has laminitis and needs to wear rubber shoes for his recovery as it is very painful for him to walk. Also he is full of sarcoïds and tumors in his tail and his behind which needs intensive care. His teeth need doing because they all grown wild and spiky which makes it hard to eat and digest food because of the inhabillity to chew good. He is a super loving, noble, loyal and quiet horse who is recovering in the garden now with his best friend Petit Suisse. He is happy but on recovery.

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