Forrest (Gump)

Breed: Unknown
Date of adoption: 09/05/2016
Age: 21 years old

Forrest is the action in Rancho Fino! With his high energie and bubbely character he is like our ‘special kid’. Running around to see what is happening near the field, a bloody eye because he bumped his head, a piece of his hair missing or totally covered in mud. Everyday it is a surprice how to find him in the field. Forrest was found by a hiker. He was abandoned in a mountain on a short iron chain with no food. Starving. As you could not come there with traffic he had to walk behind the 4×4 Jeep. Sitting in the back of the Jeep with the backdoors open and a rope attatched to the horse. Sometimes he was running… You get the idea. Forrest. After this adventure everyday is a party for Forrest as he loves running and if he has the chance jumping! One day he slipped and injured himself very badly. A long revovery followed with a lot of special care. Now he is running again! He also loves to go out for riding and explore new grounds.


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