Breed: KWPN'er
Date of adoption: 07/01/2015
Age: 18 years old

Black-Jack is the horse with whom the whole Rancho Fino idea started. He has a sad history and suffered. When I met him he was starving and not able to be stable on his foot. After he came back with me a second time after a few months with a failed re-homing, I made a commitment, and promised him he can stay for the rest of his life. As he has a big trauma of being left out alone, I let a new girlfriend arrive at the same day, India. From that day on the horse-shelter was born with the return of my Jacky.

He became a very happy horse who needed his time and patience to recover from the state he was in when we met. He is a very loyal horse and fits with every other horse! He is a friend for everyone and accepts all kind of characters. He is curious, but shy with ‘human’ newcomers as he knows cruelty. But he loves massages and brushing sessions!!


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