Rancho Fino Mallorca Rescue has the mission to rescue, recover, rehabilitate, reestablish the natural behaviour of the animal fitting to the species and find the perfect match for the future to live as happy and natural as possible meeting all the (special) needs of the animal. 

We rescue and help animals that are old, unwanted, neglected, starved, mistreated, abandoned, abused, got homeless, ended up on the street or in one of the kill-shelters, because of the sudden change of the home situation, or passing away of the owner(s). 

There are many different reasons, situations and stories. Every animal here in Rancho Fino comes with his own (hi)story. Our highest value is respect for every animal. To see and acknowledge that they are all individuals with their own characters and needs. An understanding for the physical and mental health and the behaviour that comes with every individual (hi)story. 

We strive for every animal to make a full recovery physically and mentally, a rehabilitation on all fronts and to provide an environment where the natural behaviour matching to the species can be fulfilled in a safe and protected environment where every individual can be who heshe truly is. 

We are standing up!! For those, without a voice!!