Rancho Fino Mallorca is a small stable in Costitx, in the middle of the island of Mallorca.

About us…. Well, Lets introduce us first! I am Stacey van Tichelt, a dutchy from 35 year old who founded Rancho Fino Mallorca rescue about 7 year ago per ‘accident’. I know this sounds very strange to some of you but that is literally what happened. I came for a whole different reason to Mallorca and quite soon i found myself rescuing my first horse. When i had to re-home him sadly but came back to me after less than two months, i knew this was the start of something. But that it would get so ‘out of control’ so quickly, nobody would have thought.

In the end, it was never my goal, it was never pre-planned or a long desired dream to become an animal rescuer, let alone founding my own rescue centre. Its a long, but funky story… so feel free to ask me when you pay a visit or we sit around the fire with a bottle of wine ;). 

Anyway, i have a lot of energy, was ambitious, passionate, stubborn, fired up and actually pretty crazy in the eyes of ‘some’ others (I do agree), moved around with the whole circus and finally builded this place up from scratch here in Costitx with the help of my beautiful friends, people around me and volunteers. 

Not knowing that years later I would ended up creating my little ‘Utopia’, a beautiful place, with its own community and constituency, a safe heaven for animals and people to come together, heal and share the love for, and with animals. To stand up… For those, without a voice. 

Less would I ever dare to dream that we would be completed with the man and love of my life. Sten Albert Bendsen from Denmark, who moved with us and changed our lives for the better. Together we form the core of Rancho Fino Mallorca Rescue and establish a stable base from where we reach out to ‘the outside’ to rescue and protect the animals in need of help. 

Having that said, I think you should just have a scroll around the website, clicking on the tabs and get to know us and the history of Rancho Fino more and more. Please check out our ‘Mission and Vision’ and ‘Why support us’. 

Love, Sten and Stacey